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The way I see it TVD has 2 choices; They could very easily continue going in the direction that they have been which is very deliberately ass kissing and pandering to their very limited and steadily dwindling fanbase..thus continue with the Damon/Elena: I love you but ANGST but SEX! and even though we killed him and brought him back and killed him, and made him evil and brought him back and killed him and gave him a final good-bye, Matt Davis doesn’t have much of a career at the moment so let’s bring him back again and give him more story, time, attention and development than Matt, Jeremy, Tyler, Bonnie and Caroline even though these characters have been a part of our core since the beginning! And not only that but lets make Enzo/Damon/Alaric one big slightly homo-erotic love triangle! YAY!


Julie Plec and co. can truly dig deep and find the story-telling magic and prowess that got so many viewers invested season 1. They can explore the characters they seem to have forgotten existed and learn again what made these characters so great to begin with. Find a footing with the plot that doesn’t revolve around who is sleeping with who, who likes who and who might hook up and instead delve further into the fiber that makes up kids most of us feel like we have watched grow up and are growing up with. What’s ahead for Jeremy’s future now that he’s potentially lost another girlfriend, how can he trust love again? How can he trust himself as a protector of what he loves? How has Bonnie dealt with losing so much from her Grams to her Magic and now herself and can she re-gain that sense of stability when she has lost so much? I can go on and on but the point is the show still has so much potential to have a come-back and I wish they would take advantage because at the rate they are going next season might be their last (and it would be the most merciful death of any show I have ever seen).

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